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Medical Waste Pre-Shredding

Definition of Problem Managing Medical Waste

The toxic waste is a mass of contaminated waste which may  
contains syringes, needles, paper, plastics, glass, textiles,  
cultures pathological waste, blood products, sharps, tissues and  
infectious materials produced by the medical industry in clinics,  
hospitals, labs and research centers.

Medical waste resulting from Health Care activity should be  
handled carefully and responsibly for its proper disposal.  
Health care facilities as well as local Government regulations must  
monitor and eliminate the contaminated medical waste without  
endangering the health of workers, public safety and our  

Our solution

VERTISA has designed and developed innovative, fully  
enclosed, fully automated medical waste technology  
systems that shreds, reducing its volume and sterilizes the  
contaminated waste.


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Medical Waste Sterilizers

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Medical Waste Shredders
VERTISA Medical Waste Technology
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Biohazard Waste Management
Before transporting the waste to public landfill sites, the waste must be sterilized and shredded. The essence of our solutions is that the contaminated waste is sterilized and shredded into very small parts inside our PROMED Medical Waste Technology.

The process starts with the contaminated waste is lifted to the upper part of the autoclave where the waste is grinded. The waste including the unwanted parts are crushed and discharged into the lower part of the autoclave. Then we apply steam pressure that increases to 3,8 bars (55 psi) as well as the temperature is increased to 138 C degrees ( 280 F) for 10 minutes.

The whole operation process is fully automated and the full cycle typically last 35 to 60 minutes depending on the waste being processed. The volume decreases by 60 to 80% of the original waste volume when fully treated. The final result is a crushed mass (sterilization level 6lob10) which now is harmless and safe to dispose as an ordinary municipal public waste.

The combination of Shredding, Direct Heated Steam and High Pressure ensures complete sterilization!


The equipment may be used safely, special trained operators are not required and only 8 Hour operator training is enough. All in all the operation is fully automatic and is equipped with such safety systems that eliminates all manual operation. Several safety precautions are implemented by the PLC control unit like the autoclave maybe opened only if the temperature and pressure is normal, or the cycle cannot be started until proper closing of lid, and the waste can only be discharged after the sterilization phase is completed.

The equipment does not require special maintenance, apart from usual lubricating and the cleaning of moving parts.

Technology of Grinding

The main part of the system is the grinding unit. The experts dealing with contaminated waste are quite aware, that one of the most difficult problem is the grinding of unwanted articles, like metal screws or similar articles which are capable of ruining the grinding mechanism.

Our special solution consists of a double shaft mechanism of grinding claws, which has a PLC controlled motion, that changes rotating direction in case the shaft meets a certain amount of resistance.

The parts of the grinding machine are made of the hardest metal presently known.

View how the process of sterilization works.

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