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Compactor Cart Mini Combos

PROMED Compactor with Built-In Cart

These Compactors are easily portable.... and so is the Trash.

Trash Compactors that have extremely high compaction capabilities (such  
as this) will result in highly reduced waste hauling requirements as well as  
huge savings in trips to the dumpster by employees. In addition, there are  
many added benefits such as improved security, easier and improved  
housekeeping, fire hazard reductions, superior sanitation, not to mention the  
overall quick paybacks and tax advantages. When you use a compactor to  
compact trash right at the source the benefits of streamlining your waste  
processing and waste handling routines can also result in productivity  
improvements and labor savings in other areas since labor is utilized more  
effectively (versus tending to trash).

In short, a compactor can be the driving force for huge gains in overall  
productivity. By combining a compactor with a cart all in one machine, this  
innovation eliminates one of the biggest obstacles to compactor  
implementation (which involves the decision regarding the best way to get  
the heavy trash cubes from the compactor into the dumpster). Employees  
don't feel the weight since the compacted trash is lifted by the push of a  
button and tipped into the dumpster.


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For all other countries including Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, please contact us...
Medical Waste Sterilizers

Industries We Serve:

Local Governments
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Medical Disposal Plants
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Biohazard Waste Management
Meat & Poultry Processing Plants
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Medical Waste Shredders
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Commercial Trash Compactors with a Built-in Lift Cart...

Especially ideal for safety & space conscious customers...

Restaurants, Fast Food, Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals, Health Care & Medical Facilities, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Resorts, Amusement Parks, Casinos, Nursing Homes, Utility Rooms, Ships, Boats & Marine Use, Marinas, Doctors, Dentists, Animal Care Facilities, and many other types of applications.

Be prepared for surprise Regulatory Inspections. Piles of trash in your kitchen, utility rooms and other areas can be eliminated


Compactor Cart Combo Specifications & Dimensions

Standard Compactor Features

Compaction Plate exclusive design prevents 'bleed back' (eliminates need for operator during compaction).
Safety Features controlled by State of the Art Control Panel.
Built-in Cart means that no additional handling equipment is needed for transporting & lifting heavy trash cubes.
Built-in Cart is powered electrically by push button which eliminates lifting by employees.
Built-in Cart has 4 large casters to ensure stability.
Liquids are contained (and Liquid messes eliminated) with the unique patented chamber design.
For Compactor to operate, all doors must be locked and cart locked into position.
Stainless steel construction allows for easy cleaning, great appearance and long lasting durability.
There are no outside moving parts that could otherwise cause injury to employees / others.
Electrical control panel is state of the art and designed to continuously monitor all safety features and functionality.
Optional Locking Casters provides the capability for the compactor to be easily portable.
Container Capacity 9 Cubic Feet (Approximately)
Trash Volume (Approx varies with waste profile) 750 Gallons, 3.7 cubic Yards or 100 Cubic Feet of loose
Reduction Ratio (varies with waste profile) 10 to 1 up to 25 to 1
Compaction Force (up to) 12,500 lbs 14,000 lbs Maximum
Cycle Time 25 Seconds for full compaction
Compacted Weight Up to 250 300 lbs
Electric Motor 1 PH, 1 HP, 20 amp, 120v UL Listed
Hydraulic Pump Two Stage Gear Pump
Electric Service 120v, Dedicated 20 amp
Hydraulic Pump Two stage Hi / Low gear pump
Overall Size 82" H x 34 1/2" W x 32 1/4 D
Bin Size 16" H 28" W X 20 1/2 D
Chute Door Size 26 1/2" W X 20 1/2 H
Weight 1,550 lbs
Mini Watse Compactor Commercial Combo
Compactor BuiltIn Card Mini Combo
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